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Face a unique and thrilling octopus invasion!

Face the octopus invasion in this unique and exciting arcade game that combines action, role-playing and puzzle elements. Equipped with a Turbo Boost and a Water Cannon, you work against the invaders while the in-game tutorial helps you to quickly have action and fun! Turtle Bay offers amazing real-time water effects and tons of great graphics and animations!

This game is not available at the moment.
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Category: Arcade GamesSuitable: EveryoneReview score: 65%Chart: #4905
Graphics: 8Sound: 7Difficulty: 6Design: 7Playability: 7

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 2. Atanaska Vasileva | 05/02/2009
 3. angel777 | 08/02/2008 | English
Tämä meni läpi heti. Siis kokeiluversio... Tylsää... smiley
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